Meaning of RIP

RIP stands for “Rest in Peace.”

RIP is an acronym, which stands for “Rest in Peace.” It comes from Latin, which has a similar phrase, “Requiescat in pace.” RIP is also commonly written as “R.I.P.”. The phrase is an idiom which is used as a short epitaph. It wishes eternal rest and peace to someone who has died.

A Hebrew translation of the phrase “Requiescat in pace” was used as far back as 1st century BC on Hebrew gravestones. However, the English phrase was not used until 8th century AD. The English phrase was still not very common, people preferring the traditional Latin phrase. The English phrase really picked up after the 18th century.

RIP is most commonly used on Christian tombstones. Nevertheless, nowadays the term is colloquially used to express condolences, without any relation to religion.

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