Meaning of Rx written by Doctors

Rx means “recipe”.

Often when one is sick, they go to the doctor. The doctor examines them and prescribes some medicine, and on the page that he writes the medicine, he puts an ?, commonly transcribed as Rx or Rx on it. Rx is an abbreviation which comes from the Latin verb, recipe. Recipe was the imperative form of ‘recipere’, which translates as “to take” or “take thus”.

There are also folk theories which state that the Rx symbol has a similarity to the Eye of Horus, and is denoted to honor Horus. While other folk theories state that it is similar to the ancient symbol for Zeus or Jupiter, (?). Horus and Zeus were gods whose protection may have been sought historically in medical contexts.

The symbol, Rx, has become the official symbol of prescription. It can be written by a physician, physician assistant, dentist, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, psychologist, or other health care providers.

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