Meaning of Sat Sri Akal

Sat Sri Akal translates as “God is the ultimate truth”.

Sat Sri Akal is a Punjabi phrase and is used as a greeting. It is generally associated with Sikhs, and is considered a powerful phrase.

The phrase “Sat Sri Akal” is actually made up of three individual words, “Sat”, “Sri”, and “Akal”. “Sat” translates into “truth”, “Sri” is an honorific word like Sir or Lord, and “Akal” means the timeless being, i.e. God. Hence, the entire phrase can be said to translate as “God is the ultimate truth.”

The phrase is generally used by Sikhs to greet one another. However, the phrase has historically been used as a battle cry and is still used by three regiments of the Indian Army: the Punjab Regiment, Sikh Regiment, and Sikh Light Infantry.

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