Meaning of Secular

At a time in history, most things were related to religion. In fact, the Holy Roman Catholic Church was the biggest force in Europe, and as most people were Catholic at the time, nothing happened without the approval of the Church. Even kings sought approval from the Church, in fear that they would incur the wrath of God. However, times have changed.

Today, while religion may play a big part in people’s lives, there is general consensus that some matters such as laws and policies should not be dictated with religion, but rather by common sense and human rights. However, there are some groups who oppose this belief.

Nonetheless, secular refers to things that are not related to religion or spiritual matters. Secular defines things that are worldly, as opposed to religious. It may also indicate that it is not affiliated to any religious authority or church. Secular things can also advocate secularism, which is the principle of the separation of government institutions from religious institutions. Secular is basically the opposite of sacred. Secular indicated freedom from religious rule and teachings or in a state declared to be neutral on matters of belief.

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