Meaning of Sense of Humour

A lot of people are often admired for having a good sense of humour, or they may be criticized for lacking a sense of humour. However, what exactly does the phrase, ‘sense of humour’ refer to?

Having a sense of humour is having the ability to create new humor, to make jokes and to laugh at things that are generally considered funny. A sense of humour also refers to the ability to sense or identify humor, to know when someone is making a joke. It also implies the ability to laugh at oneself.

A sense of humour also indicates the ability to provoke laughter in others, that is make others laugh. A person with a sense of humour can appreciate the humour in jokes, as well as in life in general. People with a sense of humour are also harder to offend, as they don’t take everything too seriously and can laugh at themselves.

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