Meaning of Trip

The word ‘trip’ is one of those words that have multiple meanings. The most common meaning of ‘trip’ is to catch your foot and stumble, i.e. trip and fall down the stairs.

Another meaning of trip is a long journey or excursion to someplace. It usually includes the return trip. E.g. I took a trip to the grocery store.

Trip can also refer to the time during which the person was experiencing hallucinations or a drug-induced reverie. This is usually caused by the usage of a drug called LSD, but can also refer to other drugs.

Other usages of trip can include intense involvement in or enjoyment of a condition, such as power trip or ego trip. It can also refer to overreacting (Its okay, don’t trip) or to act crazy with or without the influence of drugs (He is talking to himself; He is tripping.). Furthermore, it can also refer to a faux pas, a social error. (He tripped up.)

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