Meaning of Tweet

When most of us wake up in the morning, we are greeted by the tweet of the birds that hang around outside of the window. Tweet is a chirp, i.e. the sound that a small or young bird makes. Tweets are basically weak chirping sounds.

However, as is the case with many words in the 21st century, the word ‘tweet’ has taken over another meaning. Here, tweet refers to a post on Twitter. Twitter is a social media website that has made micro-blogging very popular. Micro-blogging is the act of posting short messages as opposed to long blog posts or articles.

Twitter gives its users a limit of 140 characters, which means that user can post messages, or tweets, that are 140 characters or less. These posts or tweets can include text, images, videos, and keywords, as well as mentions of specific users, links to websites, and links to images or videos on a website.

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