Meaning of Ubiquitous

No matter what religion you follow, or even if you don’t follow a religion, God is defined as omnipresent, that is he is present everywhere and can be found everywhere. Hence, God is ubiquitous. Ubiquitous is nothing more than a synonym for omnipresent.

Ubiquitous describes something that is present everywhere; something that is or at least appears to be everywhere at the same time. A ubiquitous person or thing has the ability to be present everywhere at the same time.

However, the term, ubiquitous is often used to describe something that in reality is not everywhere, but only appears to be. For example: the ubiquitous fog. In reality, the fog is not everywhere, but once you’re in a fog, it certainly appears to be. Similarly, another example: the ubiquitous presence of the family’s matriarch was felt all over the house.

Other than omnipresent, it can also be said that ubiquitous is synonymous with widespread, such as a widespread fashion trend.

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