Morning Walk Benefits

Walking in the morning is probably the best exercise option available to mankind, as it has many benefits and no harm at all.

“Now shall I walk or shall I ride?

'Ride,' Pleasure said;

'Walk,' Joy replied.”

― W.H. Davies

Not only walking is a joyous experience, but it’s a fruitful exercise as well. It has an n number of benefits attached to it, while there is no harm involved simultaneously. The best thing about walking is that you can always afford to do so, anywhere, anytime, any place, in a group, or alone, walking is ultra-customizable. And what’s more, it won’t cost you a dime.

While walking can get you from A to B, it does so healthily. However, walking is of the healthiest kind itself, when done in the morning. Morning walk is prescribed by doctors all over the world as ‘the best, free and the most common human exercise’. The reasons for why walking is beneficial for health and such a hit among the masses are given below:

Clean air: This has to be the numero uno, when it comes to the reasons for walking in the morning. The air in the morning is at its freshest best. All the dust and dangerous gases from the previous day settle down at night time. So the air that’s present in the morning is full of rich nutrients and healthy content. The biggest plus for us humans is that the morning air contains the greatest amount of oxygen, which is in its purest form. Later in the day, this oxygen is forced to combine with other gases to form harmful compounds such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, etc.

Reduced cardiovascular risks: Clean oxygen inhaled while walking in the morning proves crucial in increasing and improving the flow of blood to our heart. As clean oxygen reaches the heart, it starts to pump more blood and filter the impure blood more efficiently. The improved blood circulation of the heart keeps the blood flowing to and from the heart regularly, which cuts down associated risks such as a heart attack, heart failure, etc. by a great percentage.

Strengthened immune system: As blood is purified by the clean oxygen entering it through the morning air, the same is pumped to all cells of the body. These cells which are located in every different part of the body gain the right amount of nourishment to produce more white blood corpuscles (WBCs). These WBCs are the human body’s most potent defense against attacking viruses and diseases. The immunity of a body can be directly linked with these WBCs. So, walking provides the body with an ample opportunity to create enough WBCs and boost the immunity.

Reduction of hypertension/high blood pressure: Since walking enables clean and fresh oxygen reach the heart. The heart responds by functioning more efficiently. It starts to pump more blood, filter the blood properly and circulate it well throughout the body. While doing so, the heart also relaxes the pressure of blood in the veins and arteries, which helps keep disorders like high blood pressure in check. When the blood is being pumped freely and without any high amount of pressure, the person would naturally feel at ease. This means that if a person is suffering from hypertension, walking regularly will help him keep the problem in control.

Increase of HDLs: Our body has two kinds of cholesterols, one is good and the other is bad. The good one is known as HDL, i.e. High Density Lipoprotein, while the bad one is known as LDL, Low Density Lipoprotein. The LDLs aren’t good for our health, as they transport cholesterol from the liver to many parts of the body. However, the good cholesterol, or the HDLs cancel out the actions performed by the LDLs, by transporting all the cholesterol in the body back into the liver, from where it would be eventually disposed off. This is why we need more HDLs than LDLs in our body and walking regularly does so.

Smoothening of joints: The morning air provides a lot of oxygen to the body, which it uses for various purposes. One such purpose is the smoothening of joints. When pure oxygen reaches the joints, the blood flow in the area is increased. The fats, cholesterol and other substances are burned away to smoothen the movement of the joints. The increased blood flow will allow for the joints to strengthen and work effectively.

Stress buster: Walking makes you feel good about yourself, your life, the environment, etc. this is because due to the increased blood flow, many such endorphins are produced by the body, which provide you with a natural ‘high’. Experiencing such happy and nice feelings will not only boost your morale, but also alleviate the stress which was getting accumulated in your mind. So, walking proves to be an effective stress-buster too.

Improved endurance: This is another great benefit provided by walking. Walking has been known to improve the body’s resistance and the ability to keep going for long periods of time. Walking helps in performing any exercise longer and to the full potential of a person. The result would be that a person shall exercise more and improve more. It’s sort of a cyclical reaction, where improved endurance leads to exercising more, and exercising more leads to improved endurance.

Weight and muscle management: Even if a person walks for 45 minutes, just four times a week, he/she would easily lose 8- 10 kg of weight with no alteration in their diet. Walking is a very useful fat burning exercise. While we walk, the fats and other fat compounds are constantly burnt, which helps keep our weight in check. Moreover, walking is also essential in the toning of muscles, as it lends the correct posture to the body along with working the muscles simultaneously.

Therefore, there are many reasons for why one should practice walking in the morning, but none at all for why a person shouldn’t do so. 

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