Ozone Layer

What is Ozone Layer?
The ozone layer is protective layer in the Earth's atmosphere.

The ozone layer is a thick protective layer, which covers the Earth from the harmful and dangerous radiations. This layer has a high concentration of ozone; hence, it is named as Ozone layer. It absorbs about 93% of the sun's ultraviolet light.

The ozone layer lies deep inside the stratosphere. This layer protects and covers the entire Earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of sun. The ozone is a special form of element made up of oxygen. When some type of radiation or electrical discharge separates the two atoms of oxygen molecule (O2) then individual oxygen molecules recombine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone (O3)[O + (O2) = (O3)] .

Nowadays, the ozone layer is getting depleted, and hence it is major general issue in the world. Things which are responsible for depleting the ozone are certain chemicals of the mankind manufactures like the chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which reaches the stratosphere, forms a complex chemical series reaction and destroys the ozone. Over the last hundred years, ozone is getting reduced due to the unlimited pollution caused by humankind. It has now become a threat of depletion of ozone. Measures have been adapted worldwide, inorder to protect the covering shell. The ozone layer absorbs nearly 97-99% of the sun's medium-frequency ultraviolet light (from about 200 nm to 315 nm wavelength), which if not absorbed would potentially damage the exposed life forms on the Earth. As the ozone layer is the prime savior of the earth, it’s every citizen’s responsibility to save it from getting depleted.


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