What is Poke? Meaning of Poke

Meaning of Poke
A “poke” is a way to get somebody’s attention.

Poke is a feature on Facebook that has a variety of uses. It is essentially a meaningless feature that allows someone to get another’s attention. It is a way of saying hi, without having anything else to say. If someone pokes you, then the ‘poke’ will be visible to you as a notification on your home screen.  However, it will not be visible to other people.

Once somebody has poked you, you can respond in two ways: you can either poke them back or ignore it. In ignoring it, you can either leave the notification up or remove it. If the notification is removed, then the person can poke you again; however if the notification is left as is, then the person cannot poke you again.

If you do decide to poke the person back, and he pokes you back, it can result into a poke war, where each person immediately pokes the other, until one of you gives up. If you respond to a poke by someone who is not already a friend, they will then be able to see your profile for 3 days, even if it is private. This allows them to get to know you and perhaps even add you as a friend.


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