What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is malicious software threat to the computer security system.

Rasomware is a malware, where data is kidnapped and exploited. It attacks and encrypts the victim’s data. If the data is to be decrypted, then it demands for the return payment. It is type of a program, which generally comes during the surfing and browsing of emails attachments, infected programs or a compromised web-site.

Ransomware can be a cryptovirus, cryptotrojan or cryptoworm. Police Virus is one of the most famous Ransomware. It blocks and infects the computer, and sends a message, which pretends to be as a message arrived from the National Police.  Furthermore, inorder to regain access to all information, the malware asks the victim to pay a ransom in fines.

The ransomwares can be avoided by the following methods:

  • To maintain an updated operating system to avoid security breaches.
  •  Install a good antivirus product. This product should be updated at regular intervals.
  • The emails and the other files from unknown users should not be opened.
  • Avoid surfing unsecured pages and unverified content.


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