What is a Resume?
A resume is a document that lists a person’s backgrounds and skills.

A resume is a document; however, it is a document that is very important in the profession field. A résumé, also spelled as 'resumé' or 'resume, is used to showcase a person’s backgrounds and skills for a potential employer.

A resume usually includes:

  • Contact information: the person’s name, address, phone numbers, and email.
  • Education: the person’s education history, what degrees he has earned, etc.
  • Work History: the person’s previous work history and experience.
  • Skills: any and all skills those are applicable to the job.

The resume is a summary of the person’s education, experiences, skills and accomplishments, which should usually be relevant to the field of work. Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of a resume is not to land you a job, but to land you an interview. If the employer likes what he sees, then they will hopefully call you for an interview. Getting the job is up to you. However, did you know that a potential employer spends on average 12-15 seconds on reviewing each resume; hence, your resume has to be really good to catch the employer’s attention. Also, ensure that you pick the right resume that best highlights your backgrounds and skills.

There are three main types of resume:

Chronological Resume: The chronological resume is chronological in order, it states educational and employment history organized by date.  Best for students who have progressive and related experiences within their field.

Functional resume: Functional resumes focus on skill sets gained through a variety of activities, such as educational course work, clubs and organizations, as well as internships and volunteer work. Best for students who do not have much employment history or who have a work history that is not directly related to their career objective.

Combination resume: As the name suggests, the combination resumes are a combination of the chronological resume and functional resume.  It focuses on skill sets, but also lists employment history. A balanced resume.

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