Rose Day

Rose day is celebrated on the 7th of February each year.

Rose day is widely regarded as the day that kicks off the Valentine week, leading up to Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on 14 February each year. Rose day is celebrated exactly a week before the Valentine’s Day, i.e., on the 7th of February each year. As its name suggests, Rose day is meant to be the day when a person gifts a rose to another person that he/she likes, admires, cares for, or loves. On this day, florists around the world make available all the different colors of roses, which signify different kinds of emotions. The different colors of roses generally gifted on this day include:

Red: The color red stands for love and romance. Red rose is a universal symbol of love. The color red is associated with the emotion of love because it depicts the depth of one’s love by way of the dark hue of red. Red is vibrant, attractive, eye-catching and also a very intense shade of color, which helps a person reveal his intense love for another person. For this reason, red roses are always in demand on rose day, and throughout the valentine week.

Yellow: Gifting a yellow rose to a person means gifting him/her an emotion that is as bright as the color yellow itself. Friendship and joy are two such emotions that can be aptly conveyed by a yellow rose. Yellow is associated with the sun, which is why it is understood as a bright and resplendent color. A yellow rose is perfect for letting a person know that he/she is deeply loved, but without any platonic desires attached to the emotion.

Lavender: The color lavender showcases royalty or enchantment. This is also the reason why many royal monuments and sites have gardens with lavender plantations. The color lavender is as unique as the emotion that it stands for, which is love at first sight. Love at first sight is a spellbinding emotion, which is why it is denoted through a color that can enchant a person, just by its first appearance itself! Hence, lavender rose is perfect for such an occasion.

Pink: The color pink stands for grace and elegance. This makes for a perfect rose day presentation to one’s lady love. It symbolizes the sweetness and affection that one has for a person, and helps him/her reveal the poetic kind of romance within. Dark pink showcases the emotions of gratitude and deep felt appreciation, so it’s another good choice on the day. Whereas, pink also provides one with a shade of its color that depicts gentleness and admiration, and that color is baby pink. As soft and mushy as it may appear to be, baby pink still holds true for the emotion of respect towards a person.

White: White roses stand for the feelings of purity, innocence, spirituality, and sympathy. They are also known as bridal roses, and signify the purity of love that is being experienced in a relationship. Besides, this emotion, a whiter rose is also applicable for conveying one’s sentiments of honor and reverence towards a person. This is also the reason why white roses are used at the funeral rites of a person.

Orange: Orange is another vibrant color of roses, after yellow. Originally, the color orange is derived from a mixture of red and yellow. So, when looked at it from this perspective, orange roses are actually a combination of red and yellow roses, which in turn indicates a blend of love and friendship in a relationship. Apart from this, an orange rose can also be presented to a person to signify desire, passion and enthusiasm.

Other than gifting specifically colored roses to their loved ones, couples and singletons also gift roses in certain numbers. For instance, a set of 365 roses would mean – “Thinking about you each day of the year”.

Therefore, as they say, love has no language of its own, but more importantly, why should one need a language to convey thoughts of love, which can be so amazingly represented by beautiful flowers! 

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