Sense of Humor - Easy Way to Improve

There are many ways that one can improve their sense of humour with the most important one being to laugh at everything.


‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is something that you have heard from your mother and she was very wise. Laughter is actually known to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system; it is also a good form of exercise for your facial muscles. Additionally, it also helps you look on the brighter side of things – ensuring that you never have a bad day. While a sense of humor comes naturally for some people, others have to work on building it. It is hard, but the rewards for having a sense of humor will ensure that you will be loved by all.

Here are a few things that you can do to develop or nurture a sense of humor. Although it might take some time and effort, if you stick to it you will definitely have been laughing on the floor in no time.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

In order to be a great comedian or have a good sense of humor, it is important that you first learn to laugh at yourself. A true comedian knows that much of his content comes from his own personal experiences. So, instead of feeling down for having a bad day, ensure you can get some comedy out of it. See if you can turn the situation around to make it funnier.

Also, don’t be offended if you are the butt of someone’s joke. Take it in good heart and laugh – it might make good fodder for a joke later on.

Learn to Laugh at Other People

Just like it is important to laugh at yourself, try and find the humor in other people’s situation. However, ensure that it is not offensive and that you are not laughing at their misfortune. This basically means to try and find the humor in the small things that happen every day and the lives of people around you.

Read Jokes

Try to read as many jokes as you can get your hands on, be it puns or one-liners. These jokes are often helpful to keep on hand and many of them can also be used to elaborate on your situation or even make it better joke. Also, in this research you can find jokes about anything that suits your fancy or your audience’s fancy. The internet is often a great place to start that has so many jokes.

Watch or Visit Stand-up Comedy Gigs

Another good way to understand how jokes work and how you can develop your sense of humor is to watch stand-up comedians. Learn how they deliver the punch line and how they lead up to the joke. Understanding how the best in their fields do, can often help you also develop your own sense of humor. In addition to amazing laughs, these places are also good for adding to your ever growing directory of jokes.

Observe Everything

As previously mentioned, the best humor is derived from real situations. So, make sure you see everything that is going on around you. Notice the details and try to find the humor in the situation. The best comedians often depend on their surroundings and their everyday interactions with people and things to create their best jokes. The funniest one I’ve heard was the hassle of the nozzle on the bottle of Windex Glass Cleaner and how it tends to splatter if the nozzle is kept midway. The comedian probably noticed this while cleaning his windows.

Find the balance between sarcasm and offensive

It is important to find the balance between offensive jokes and sarcasm. Sarcasm is good to the point where you are not hurting someone’s feelings and the joke can be taken in good fun. Try not to offensive, as it will leave your audience seething rather than laughing.


Laugh even if no one else finds your joke funny, because laughter is usually contagious. Laugh at any situation you can find humor in and laugh even at your own jokes. Also, don’t be afraid to be silly – is a best way to laugh and ensure laughter.


Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing and keep writing different types of jokes. This can also help you understand which jokes are far more acceptable and which ones aren’t. You can also participate in local stand-up routines nearby to test out your new jokes.

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