Top 10 Mobile Apps 2015

The amount of applications that are available on smartphones and mobiles these days are constantly increasing. However, there are few apps that people should know about that can come handy such as DropBox and Google Keep.

There are over thousands of applications that are currently available on Google Play as well as the Apple App Store. These applications are to make life simpler and can include anything from games to task lists to even music. To pick 10 from the vast list of available apps was a difficult job, with there being so many different applications that can cater to your needs.

This list excludes the normal chatting applications and music listening ones, as most people prefer to select those themselves. It also includes the most obvious apps that are commonly downloaded such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. These apps are something that can help make your life a little easier.

If any of these applications are not able to fulfill your needs, search for similar applications and there are bound to be many that are available that may offer what you need.

  1. Accomplish

Accomplish is a to-do, reminder application that makes it really easy for you to manage your tasks, to-do lists and even reminders. This non-complicated app does not require a lot of know-how and is easy for people of any age. Additionally, Accomplish can also graphically plan out your time and has a daily planner built in. It makes things even simpler by allowing you to easily drag items from your To-Do list to your calendar. This application is a must if you have way too many things that need to be done and are having a hard time organizing things.

  1. Google Fit

With the rise in the need for a fit and healthy life, healthy eating and exercise have become a must for everyone. Simply working out is not enough, you must be able to track your data to see how many calories you burn, which can help you understand how many calories you can consume. Google Fit makes your life easy counting the amount of calories that you burn and all you have to do is carry your phone with you when you exercise. It also allows you to manually input data in case you cannot carry it and can also help you visually track the data.

  1. Microsoft Translator

In today’s small world, being multilingual is a plus. The more languages you, the more you can communicate with the world. Well, you don’t always have to spend years to learn a language. Microsoft has made it easier for you to understand and speak in other languages using their Translator application. The application allows you to quickly translate sentences and phrases in 50 languages. You can also use the Speak button to speak to the app and even have the application pronounce it for you, in case you are unsure of the pronunciation of words. This easy to use tool is a great asset when travelling to a new country or even when trying to learn a new language.

  1. DropBox

Have a whole lot of pictures that leave you with no space on the computer? Then DropBox is the perfect app for you. Keep photos, documents and any type of files on the cloud server, with over 250 GB at your expense. With the app, uploading and download is a breeze and all your documents are always at hand. The files are not only limited to your mobile but can also be accessed on your computer or any other device.

  1. Camera360

There are numerous camera apps that are available. However, Camera360 is the number one app that gives you various features that eliminate the need for downloading multiple applications. The app provides you with different filters, effects, editing and so on. It is a one stop shop for all your camera needs.

  1. Snowball

On a daily basis, you get numerous notifications – some useful and other useless. However, you have to manually go through all your notifications, open up the app and reply or dismiss the notification. Well no more! Using snowball you only have to open one up, not all of the other ones. Snowball puts all your notifications in one place and eve prioritizes them for you.

  1. Google Keep

Have to pick up milk and cereal, there is also the car that needs to be serviced, the final project is due on Thursday, etc. Everyone has a lot of things that need to be accomplished in a day and having to remember all of that becomes a chore. It can also result in you forgetting an important task that had to be done on the same day. However, Google Keep makes it simple and easy for you to remember your tasks or set up reminders. You can speak it and have the app record it, when on the go or you can even take a photo of it and save it for viewing later. The app also allows multiple people to share and edit the list or reminder.

  1. Fleksy

Claimed as officially the fastest keyboard in the world, Fleksy has won hearts across nations for being fun and customizable. Not only does the keyboard allow you to send texts and emojis, it also allows you to find and send GIFs. There are also various different extensions that can aid the keyboard.

  1. Nova Launcher

Many phone come built in with a UI, something that the company thought is better than letting you design your own home screen. However, there is a way to bypass using the UI that companies deem you should use. Nova Launcher is one of them. This app allows you to customize your home screen the way you want it to look. No more limited screens to put your applications, fill it up with as many screens as you want.

  1. Songza

There is a song for every mood and Songza has the perfect Music Concierge that can help you find the right music for the right mood. Songza allows you free access to their library of multiple songs with no listening limit. You can even save your playlist and share them with others.

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