Top 10 Mobile Games 2015

There are over thousands of games that are currently available on Android and iOS for game lovers. These are few awesome games that you can currently download.

More and more games are constantly being added to the list of the vast games that are already available on the respective iOS and Android stores. Free games are currently facing a lot of flak for their in-app purchases, where the game makes it really hard for you to continue playing unless you purchase items in the game. However, for many these do not matter.

There is a game out there for everyone, including the people who are just looking for something to keep them busy during a commute to someone who looks for serious gaming on their hand-held device. From the vast collection, here are a few games that you may or may not have heard off but is currently one of the top mobile games out there.

  1. Plunder Pirates – Android/iOS

This free strategy RPG adventure allows you to pillage and plunder to your hearts content. Conquer the seven seas using nothing but your wit. Something of a mix of Simcity and Red Alert, this game allows players to build an island and put together a pirate crew to loot and pillage from other players. This colourful and fast-paced game will keep you on your toes, looking for gold and other booty.

  1. Zombie Highway 2 – Android/iOS

There are many ways to kill zombies – guns, machete, and axes and so on. Well, here is another fun way to kill zombies, scrape them off like a piece of gum stuck to your shoe. This fun game is similar in every sense to the first Zombie Highway, but has an extra added feature that makes it fun – Nitro. The game consists of a self-driving car, with zombies jumping on the sides and your mission (should you choose to accept it, not like you have a choice) is to get them off by scraping up against the walls and other cars.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5 – Android / iOS

The Dungeon Hunter 5 is the fifth addition to the series of the Dungeon Hunter. After saving the Kingdom of Valenthia from the demon invasion, the warriors of the Bounty Hunter guilds maintain the peace now. The shattered world must now be fixed and its responsibilities fall on you. The game offers some intense ‘hack and slash’ action (according to the developers) and includes plenty of treasure to collect and creatures to kill.

  1. Dots – Android / iOS

Claimed as ‘a deceptively simple game’ by CNN, this game is super addictive for being so simple. Connect dots and as dots do, they will disappear. More dots take the place of dots that are gone and the game continues. You can fulfill challenges or play endlessly, until you get your fill.

  1. The Simpsons Tapped Out – Android / iOS

Simpson fans rejoice, here is a new platform for you to enjoy Simpsons on. The EA game baed on the Springfield’s inhabitants include all your favorite characters from Springfield – from Mort to the Comicbook Guy. Design your own Springfield and put your favorite characters for random tasks to collect fake money to buy more items. You can advance by purchasing donuts, but the game can be played without having to purchase any. An addicting game that will keep you on a strict schedule.

  1. Angry Birds Space – Android / iOS

Since the original game of Angry Birds got its popularity, the Angry Birds franchise has been constantly on the rise. From Angry Birds Rio to Angry Birds Transformers, there hasn’t been anything the Angry Birds haven’t been able to emulate. Angry Bird Space comes with over 300 interstellar levels across 10 planets, where the birds defy gravity. Rovio introduces new play concepts, with the planet-based levels requiring different tactics. Adds a whole new level to the original simple chuck-it-and-see method.

  1. DomiNations – Android / iOS

From the famous game designer, Brian Reynolds, DomiNations is a strategy game similar to Clash of Clans and Civilization. It is a base building game in which you can pick your empire and build it to be one of the best empire in the civilization. Use your empire to explore, advance and even conquer other civilizations. According to the designers, players can take an entire nation “from stone age to the space age”.  Similar to running an actual empire, the game also requires minute to minute decisions that can either make or break your empire.

  1. Into the Dead – Android / iOS

The world has been overrun by the Dead, and your objective is to survive. How long can you make it? Although not a new addition to the Play Store, it is one of the most addicting games that are currently available. A first-shooter game allows you to run endlessly shooting while dodging the dead that are coming your way. There are also weapons that can help you eliminate the dead that are directly on your trail.

  1. Reckless Racing 3 – Android / iOS (Around INR 200)

This game is a throwback to the 90s style arcade games that you would once line up to play. Put in quarter, get in front of the wheel and go crazy! The game is similar in racing style with an isometric view, which allows you to look down from above. Using the controls on the screen, swerve left and right in this maniac driving game. You can also find reverse and driving forward to avoid objects and win the race. The 3D graphics and the old-fashioned controls, make the game fun and worthwhile.

  1. Marvel Contest of Champions – Android / iOS

Become the ultimate Marvel champion! Pitt your favorite characters in battle against each other and see who comes out as the victor. The game features some of the greatest Marvel characters including Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, etc. The objective of the game is to battle your way through a variety of stages to unlock new characters. No longer do you have to deal with tricky controls, but instead simply swipe your thumbs in different directions can result in crazy combos that can leave your opponent on the ground.

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