A few ways to remove tan includes home remedies such as making a paste of lemon, turmeric and yogurt. A few things in your fridge can easily help get rid of your tan but they must be done ritually.

Sadly, pimples are a natural part of life. However, one can take several steps to ensure that they are not a huge part of your life.

There is no easy way to become fair. However, some techniques can be utilized to improve the complexion of the skin.

Hair transplant is the process of transferring growing hair follicles to a site where the growth has stopped in order to treat male pattern baldness. There are many advantages and disadvantages to hair transplanting.

Exotic generally describes something that originated in a distant foreign country. The term can refer to any thing, or even a person.

A blonde is a person with fair or pale yellow hair. The color of human hair varies from black, brown, golden, to white. A person with golden is often commonly referred to as blonde or blond.

Breathtaking refers to something that is so astonishing or awe-inspiring that is takes the breath away. Breathtaking can be extremely exciting, beautiful, surprising, remarkable, or astonishing, that it is a marvel to behold.

Why do people have dimples?

Dimples are a genetic defect that causes facial muscles to pinch causing the indentation. Dimples are genetic, which means that they are inherited from the parents.

How to get rid of a tan?

Tanning is inevitable in summer season. Hence, one must take the necessary and preventive measures to keep away from sun tan and skin discoloration.

Why does hair turn white?

The hair gets color from the hair follicle. If the hair follicle runs out of the color pigment, then the hair turns white.

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