Aristotle is generally considered to be the father of biology as he is credited with building the foundations of modern biology.

Female Genital Mutilation, or FMG, is a practice in which a woman’s external genitalia is partially or totally removed. Cultural reasons are the most common cited reasons for its performance. 

There are a few thousand species of cockroaches that can fly, but they usually do not fly because they are bad fliers. 

Gills work in a way similar to lungs and extract oxygen from water to allow the fishes to breath. The fish pulls in water through the mouth and pushes it out through the gills, which absorb oxygen from the water and exchange it for carbon dioxide, which is expelled from the body. Gills allow the fishes to breath underwater. 

Fishes use the oxygen from the water in order to survive.

Fishes migrate for two main reasons – feed and reproduce. In some cases, scientists are still unsure why fishes migrate.

The blood of the cockroaches does not have hemoglobin, which is what give human blood the red color. Hence, their blood lacks the red color, making it appear white.

The antennas of a roach are important sensory organs. These antennas have small hairs on them that allow the cockroaches to sense the world around them and survive. The antennas help the roach detect heat, moisture, temperature, chemical consistency, etc.

Bloody refers to the state of being covered, smeared, or running with blood. The term can also be used in reference to something that has the characteristic of leading toward bloodshed or cruelty.

Twins do not always look alike. There are two kinds of twins: identical and fraternal. The identical share 100% of their DNA and hence resemble each other in terms of looks.


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