Computer Networking

Ping refers to an abrupt high-pitched ringing sound. It is also a query from one computer to another to check the connection.

A Honeypot is an intelligent anti-hacking computer program that protects sensitive data from being stolen by hackers.
Unblock Websites

One can unblock websites by hacking the IP address of the given blocked site.

How to find IP Address?

Each device that can access the internet has an IP address.

What is the meaning of Ping?

To troubleshoot the Internet connections use Ping. In the other words, ping is also used in the context like to get attention of or to check for the presence of another online party .


DNS stands for “Domain Name System”, which is a system used to translate the word-based addresses to the numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address.

The Internet is a large group of computer networks connected to each-other.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which can be utilized on a public network, such as the Internet.

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