Ping refers to an abrupt high-pitched ringing sound. It is also a query from one computer to another to check the connection.

A noun is a part of speech, which is just a fancy way of saying, word. Hence, it can be said that noun is a specific type of word. It can be used to refer to the name of some specific thing or set of things.

Sic is used to indicate that a word or phrase has been copied exactly as is from the source. The word ‘sic’ is usually written in brackets and follows a copied or quoted word, phrase or passage.

There are many times when instead of using ‘and’ we replace it with the shortened ‘&’. Ampersand is nothing more than the name of the ‘&’ sign.

Flummoxed refers to the state of being confused, bewildered, dumbfounded, befuddled, etc. It is something that is confusing or perplexing; it causes one to be unable to think clearly because we are so confused.

The term epiphany is used to refer to a moment in which a person comes to a sudden realization or when he comes to a intuitive understanding regarding something. It can also be that something has been revealed to him in that moment.

The term ‘Maleficent’ was chosen as the name of the villain because it literally means ‘wicked’; someone with a harmful or malicious in intent or effect.

Austerity is actually the quality of being austere, which means being severe or stern in disposition or appearance. Austerity refers to the ability of someone to be somber and grave.

A rapport is a close relationship between people who understand each other, understand each other’s feelings or ideas, and communicate well because of it.

Bailout refers to the act of helping someone out from who is in a tough situation. It usually refers to providing money. Hence, it can be said that a bailout is a financial rescue.


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