An adverb does what its name suggests; it adds to a verb. It modifies and adds clarification and more information to a verb.

The verb is part of speech, which means that it is a word. Specifically, a verb is a word that describes an action.

Adjectives are words that add more meaning or clarification to other words. They describe or modify a noun or pronoun.

Abstract nouns are nouns that refer to intangible things. Tangible things are things that a person can touch or interact with.

Collective Nouns are special types of nouns that refer to a group of things together. In order for a collective noun to be used there must be more than two things.

Proper Nouns can also refer to a group of things, or specifically the name of that group of things. Proper Nouns are always written in capital or upper case.

A noun is a word that refers to people, places and things. There are two main types of nouns: common nouns and proper nouns.

Why do we say hello?

Hello is a form of greeting that is used to acknowledge and greet somebody.

Tenses of English

Tenses are a very important part of the English language, as they hold a sentence together and enable the speaker/writer to convey accurate information.


Dignity means the quality or state of being honored and greatly respected.


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