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Viral fever is any fever that is caused by a virus or virus infections.

Happiness is not a one size fit all thing – it changes according to every person’s wants and needs. Hence, what works for one person may not work for the other. In order to be truly happy, you need to find what makes you happy.

Easy ways to quit sugar is lessen the amount of sugar that you incorporate in your daily diet by replacing unhealthy junk food with healthier sugar free options.

There are few things that you can do to quit the bad habit of chewing tobacco including joining a support group and consulting a medical professional. However, do not decide to go ‘cold turkey’. 

Sleep is important, but it can be hard to fall asleep at times. Here are some ways to fall asleep easier.

Exercise and stretching are two of the easiest way to increase your height.

Few easy ways to burn belly fat or visceral fat is to cut out sugar and to exercise.

Although there is no shortcut to losing weight and burning calories, there are little things that you can do every day that can help increase the amount of weight you lose and the calories you burn daily.

An easiest way to gain weight is to add more protein and good carbs to your diet and also increasing the quantity of food you eat. 

Modifications made to lifestyle and diet can help lose weight in the long run and is easier than making a strict workout and diet schedule.


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