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Why Animals' eyes Glow in the Dark?

Animals’ eyes glow in the dark, due to the presence of a special reflective surface in their eyes, located behind the retina, known as Tapetum Lucidum.

Why TV Is Called Idiot Box

Television is called an idiot box because of the dampening and addictive influence it has on viewers.

Why is Sea Water salty?

The sea water is salty as the result of many natural influences on it over the years.

Why is the sky blue?

The sky appears to be blue in color as a result of it having the shortest wavelength as compared to other colors.

Why do tears come?

Tears can be caused from being upset, exposure to extreme dryness or coldness, infections, or even while chopping an onion!

The reason for some people to be left-handed can be tracked to their genes, or the past events of their lives.

What is Venus flytrap?

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous and a perennial plant that traps and eats insects.

Kangaroo Court

A kangaroo court is a mock court or a trial procedure wherein the justice is denied, and the trial has no legal base.

Why is cricket called a Gentleman's Game?

In the early 17th century, it was decided by English aristocrats that cricket would be played in a ‘gentlemanly manner'!!

Who invented Cricket?

Prince Edward II is said to be the inventor of cricket.


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