Practice is one of the easiest ways to master the Hindi language.

The best way to learn English is to practice, practice, and practice. Also watching English shows and movies, and reading English books, news, and magazine articles will help.

Tenses of English

Tenses are a very important part of the English language, as they hold a sentence together and enable the speaker/writer to convey accurate information.


The term Dude is an informal American word used to address any guy or male individual.

Example of Adjective

An adjective is essentially a ‘describing word’.


The term ‘Freak’ is used to define a quality which is considered whimsical or unusual.


The word 'exotic' refers to something, which belongs to another part of the world.

How to improve English?

English has become one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. Hence, it is important that one is able to speak English.

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