Both Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi and Diophantus are considered to be fathers of algebra.

Aristotle is generally considered to be the father of biology as he is credited with building the foundations of modern biology.

There are actually two main types of nuclear bombs: fission bombs and fusion bombs. Fission bombs work by harnessing the energy that is released when an atom is split into two, whereas a fusion bomb works by combining two atoms into one. 

Electricity is an energy force that is created between two electrons. It is then harnessed and used for other purposes such as powering devices. 

Gravity is a natural force that acts upon all objects. It causes smaller objects to pull towards larger objects.

There are a lot of factors that act upon the airplane, all of which work in tandem to allow an airplane to fly.

Paradigm is a typical example or pattern of something.

The molecules in the ice tend to separate and fly off, leaving the ice cubes to become smaller and smaller over time.

As the temperature increases, the molecules in the ice move around causing it to start losing its solid shape and turning into a liquid.

Our universe is a vast and magnificent place. The universe is infinite, and always expanding.


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