Twenty20 Cricket

The 20-20 cricket is a form of cricket that involves two teams, where each team battles for only 20 overs.

The Twenty20 form of cricket was originally introduced in England and Wales for a professional inter-county competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. It involves two teams, with single innings for each, and a maximum of 20 overs for batting. It is often truncated to T20.

A Twenty20 game is completed in about three hours. Here, each inning lasts around 75–90 minutes, with a 10–20 minute interval; this helps in bringing the game closer to the time span of other popular sports. This game was introduced to make cricket more alive! A game when played would attract both the spectators to the ground and viewers to the television. And, it surely has lived up to the expectations of the makers.  

The ECB did not intend for Twenty20 to replace other forms of cricket, as the games have continued alongside with it. Since its inception, the game has spread around the cricket world. In many international tours there is at least one Twenty20 cricket match. Also, many Test-playing nations have started domestic cup competitions based on this format.

The first ICC World Twenty20 cricket was played and hosted in South Africa in 2007. India was the inaugural winners of the tournament; winning by five runs against Pakistan in the final. Pakistan won the second tournament in 2009, and England won the title in 2010. Currently, West Indies are the reigning champions after winning the 2012 edition.

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