What does the phrase ‘word of mouth’ mean?

‘Word of mouth’ simply means an informal way of oral communication with shocking expressions.

The phrase ‘word of mouth’ or vice voce is a way of passing any information from one individual to other. The most common way of ‘word of mouth’ is the story telling; wherein the story in the form of any information is narrated to the other person and then carried on further. From the previous eras, the oral way of communication and its forms have been a part of successful part of sharing and spreading information, and ‘word of mouth;’ is one among them. 

The phrase can also be taken in the form of spreading a type of 'gossip', i.e. some issue expressed in the confidential form of spoken communication. One more example of ‘word of mouth’ is the ‘oral history’; these communication types preserve the interpretation of historical and past information. These interpretations of their times were generally based upon the personal experiences and opinions of the speaker or (teller). Any such information which needs to be carried out to the future or further generations can be passed through the respective ‘word of mouth’ form, as it proves to be the best way of carrying forward the cultural and traditional thoughts of any community or group of that relevant period of time.

‘Word of Mouth’ (WOM) has been proven beneficial in the activities and operations like customer satisfaction, trust and brand commitment; as it has been researched and concluded to be a best way to spread any information from one spot area to another. As its consequences are far reaching; the expressions of any content or information in its affectionate, emotional, cognitive and behavioral format is transferred in the same original manner as it was derived at the first attempt. WOM's effectiveness as an information source for consumers can be broken down into two factors: WOM's reach and WOM's impact. The strategy is also implied in the marketing fields; where it is known as ‘world of mouth marketing’.

World of mouth method proves to be beneficial in spreading advertisement, awareness, information or any important strategy or plan among the population.   

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