What is Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game, which basically means that it is a video game that requires players to make matches of three or more candies.

Everyone must have at least heard the name Candy Crush Saga once in their life. Most are probably addicted to their phones and tablets playing it late into the night. Candy Crush Saga is a straightforward game, but it has managed to hook millions of people around the world. The game has a sweet and addictive nature, which is why it is no wonder that it has 46 million average monthly users. In fact, Candy Crush Saga had over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone, a month after its launch. In November 2013, the game had been installed 500 million times across Facebook, and iOS and Android devices.

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle video game, which basically means that it is a video game that requires players to make matches of three or more candies. Once matched the candies disappear from the board. If the player matches four or more candies, then a special kind of candy appears on the board. On matching four, a striped candy appears, whereas on matching five in a row, a color bomb appears. If five candies are matched in an L or T shape, then a wrapped candy appears. Each special candy has a superpower.

The "Striped" candy clears either an entire row or column on the board. The "Wrapped" candy acts like a bomb and clears the 8 surrounding candies. After this, it falls to the bottom of the cleared space and explodes once again. The "Color Bomb" removes all candies with the same color of the one it is matched with. Furthermore, these special candies can be combined with each other to form even more powerful candies.

Additionally, the player can purchase more powerups with real money or earn them through the Booster Wheel. There purchasable or winnable powerups include the Jelly Fish, which clear 3 pieces from the board at random in jelly clearing levels; the Coconut Wheel which changes three candies in a row into striped candies in the ingredient dropping levels; and Lucky Candy which when matched change to one of the types of pieces the player needs to clear the objective in the recipe levels. The Booster Wheel also offers a chance to win a jackpot of all boosters in one spin. Other powerups include the Lollipop Hammer, which clears a single piece from the board; Extra Moves; Free Switch, which allows players to switch two pieces that do not possibly match; Sweet Teeth to clear out Blockers and Jelly; Bomb Coolers to add onto Candy Bomb timers if the timer runs out; and the Bubblegum Troll to stop Chocolate Spawners from spawning chocolate from its sides.

There are various different types of levels in the game such as the jelly clearing levels, the ingredient dropping levels, and the recipe levels. Each type of levels asks the player to fulfill some kind of object, such as clear the jelly, drop the ingredients to the bottom, collect certain candies, score certain amount of points, etc.

In addition to these, other pieces known as Blockers appear on boards to add to the challenge. These include ‘Icing (also called Meringues) cannot be moved and can only be removed by matching next to it, Liquorice Locks cage off single pieces of candy to prevent them from use, Chocolate pieces will multiply if not cleared, Liquorice Swirls cannot be easily removed with Special Candies, Candy Bombs will explode and end the level early if they are not cleared, Multilayered Icing requires multiple matches to remove, Chocolate Spawners will produce Chocolate pieces at all times, Marmalade guards Special Candies from use, Cake Bombs can clear the entire board once cleared, and Toffee Tornadoes move on the board destroying pieces and shattering the tile beneath them to prevent use for one turn. Other pieces also appear on levels such as Chameleon Candies which switch colors every turn, Mystery Candies which randomly turn into a Special Candy or a Blocker, and Extra Time Candies on time limit levels.’

The game was originally launched on April 12, 2012 as a game for Facebook. The developer, King, then launched a mobile app for smartphones. This was released on November 14, 2012 for Android and iPhone. The game was finally available on December 11, 2014 for Windows phone. On November 27, 2013, a major expansion to the game called "Dreamworld" was launched which allowed the player to replay older levels with a new mechanic.

Updates launched for the game add new levels to the game. The new levels are first added to Facebook, then the smartphone apps. As of December 2014, the Facebook edition has 800 regular levels and 515 Dreamworld levels.


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