What is Chuao Chocolatier?

Chuao Chocolatier is a brand that is widely popular for its unusual fusion and variety of flavorful chocolate bars.

Ever heard of maple bacon chocolate bar, or a potato chip chocolate bar, or a spicy maya chocolate bar, or a firecracker chocolate bar?? Well, not only are these chocolates real, these are widely popular and most-sought-after around the world.

So, who is the Willy Wonka behind these inventions? The two Venezuelan brothers Michael and Richard Antonorsi, who let their passion, drive their business. These serial entrepreneurs, with a family history in chocolate, became pioneers of premium fusion chocolate in 2002 with the debut of Chuao Chocolatier in California, where they attended school. Not only did they introduce Californians to sweet and savory bonbon confections made with a signature blend of Latin American cacaos (the core of which hails from a mix of beans including the prized Venezuelan criollo), they did so with truly distinctive flavors.

And, now for over nine years, these innovative chocolate makers have created a successful brand through launching its own cafés, focusing on high-quality ingredients and regularly taking risks on unusual flavor combinations. And, some of their famous creations are as follows:

Maple bacon bar

  • Pop corn pop bar
  • Salted chcoclate crunch bar
  • Potato chip bar
  • Triple nut sensation
  • Honeycomb bar
  • Firecracker bar
  • Orange-a-go-go bar

And, no matter, how amusing and bizarre these chocolate bar names sound, but the taste of these chocolates is really remarkable, delicious and extraordinary! And, their popularity is proven by the facts that have won many international awards. 

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