What is Cricket?

Cricket is a game played between two teams of 11 players on each side; one side is the batting team, whereas other side is the fielding team. 

Cricket is a game of skill and strategy played between two teams of 11 players. It is played on a rectangular 22-yard long ‘pitch’ on the field. The game is dived in to two halves, wherein each team takes its turn to bat, while the other team bowls and fields. Each turn is called as ‘an innings’.

The game is played by using a bat, a ball and a set of wickets. The wickets are set in the ground on both sides of the pitch. The object of the game is to score the most runs. The three main key players of the game are:

Batsmen – the one who scores runs

Bowler – the one who bowls

Fielder – the one who prevents the batsmen from scoring runs

Each team takes turns at batting and bowling in the game. The game begins by a coin toss, which helps in deciding which team will bat or ball first. The team which is batting initially sends out two batters, one to stand in front of each wicket. One of the two batsmen faces the bowler, whilst the other batsman gets ready to run. The team that is fielding, positions its players around the ground to limit the batters’ runs or to get the batter out. One of the fielders is the wicketkeeper and one fielder is the bowler, each fielder can take a turn at bowling.

Cricket follows a system of 42 Laws, which can be modified prior to a game if both teams agree to it. This applied mainly to the field, the playing structure, and the positioning of the players. Games are controlled by two on-field referees known as umpires, although a third, off-field referee, is sometimes involved in international matches.

The cricket innings are extremely long, that last up to six hours a day, with several breaks for tea/coffee and refreshments. The most popular formats are ‘Test Cricket’ and ‘One Day’ cricket. Cricket cannot be played in rainy days or at night; while some indoor cricket games do exist, this sport is meant to be played outside.

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