What is Valet Parking?

Valet parking is a service designed to reduce the need for the customers or guests to park their own vehicles at some restaurants, clubs and businesses.

Valet Parking is a service provided at places like restaurant, clubs or airports etc. whereby, when a customer leaves his/her vehicle (generally, cars), are attended at the entrance by a service provider (who is known as “valet”) who then is allowed to park the respective vehicle at their parking plots.

The system or service is in contrast to that of self-parking, wherein the individual has to park his/her vehicle on his own on the parking plot. Valet parking is a privilege type of facility offered to the patrons visiting some restaurants, business or airports. The one who helps in the service is known as “valet co-coordinator’ who is in charge of providing the facility with all due respect and concern. The valet parking is generally observed in some upscale type of restaurants, businesses and airports. The entire management is looked after by the respective authoritative service providers, and hence is further carried out successfully without causing any damage to the vehicles.

As the coin has other side too, the service so offered is not considered to be that helpful; as some owners of some expensive sports cars or luxury automobiles may not feel comfortable handing over their keys to a young driver, even one in uniform. Also, there are some times issues of risks and thefts also; as the cars might get spoiled or face any damage, which wont be proved to be that affordable to the car owners.


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