When is the Cricket World Cup?

The next ICC Cricket World Cup is going to be held in the year 2015 between February and March.

The Cricket World Cup is held every 4 years under the authority of the ICC. It is one of the third most popular and widely watched televised events. It is considered as “a flagship event of the international cricket calendar” by the ICC.  

In 2015, it will be the 11th World Cup and will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It is scheduled to be hosted from 14th February to 29th March. There are 49 matches to be placed in 14 venues across the two countries. The final match of the tournament will be held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It was during the 2011 matches only, when the hosting rights for 2015 World Cup were awarded to Australia and New Zealand, and the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be in England.

The match format is the same as the 2011 tournament; it begins with preliminary qualification rounds and leads to finals between two teams. The tournament will feature 14 teams, and also the associate and affiliate member nations will be given a chance to participate in the rounds. The teams will be divided into two groups of seven; the seven teams play each other once before the top four teams from each group qualify for the quarter-finals. The remaining teams will battle it out for the top finals spot of the tournament. The winner will be handed the ICC Golden Cup trophy.

Having won once before, India has now twice held the cup under their name; they won the 2011 World Cup. Also, Pakistan and Sri Lanka both have once each won the tournament; however, it is Australia and Kenya who have set the record for winning the World Cup four times each. 

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