Who is Bigg Boss?

Who is Bigg Boss?
Bigg Boss is an omnipresent entity watching over the contestants in the reality show Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality TV show that puts a number of contestants in a house for a few weeks. The house is isolated, and the contestants have no interaction with the outside members. They even have to forgo certain luxuries and amenities. They have no contact from their loved ones and no access to television, internet or newspapers. The contestant and house are under constant observation from Bigg Boss, who tells the contestants what they need to do, the challenge for the week, and even reprimands them when they do something wrong.

The contestants also have access to the Confession Room, where they have to reveal their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations to Bigg Boss (the omnipresent entity), as well as reveal their two nominees for the weekly eviction. Each week, the contestant must nominate another contestant for eviction. The audience then gets to vote on the selected contestants and decide who stays and who goes. The last remaining contestant is then announced the winner and usually wins a final cash prize.

Bigg Boss is the Indian version of the Big Brother. Big Brother is a reality television game show created by the Dutch-based international television production firm, Endemol. Various version of the show have been running continuously since 1999 in one form or another. Bigg Boss was first aired in 2006.


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