Why are some people left-handed?

The reason that some people are left-handed can be tracked to their genes, or the past events of their lives.

It is an age old debate regarding why some people are left-handed, while others are right-handed. Well, to illuminate this topic further, the fact is that about 85% of people in the world are right-handed, while the lefties amount only to 15% of the human population. What this actually means is that left-handed people are vastly outnumbered by their right-handed counterparts, who are traditionally considered as being the ‘correct’ handed people. However, being left-handed or right-handed is perfectly normal, and not a result of any conscious decision made by a person.

Handedness means a person’s tendency to use his preferred limb more often, which may either be his left or right limb. If a person is left-handed, it means that he uses his left hand for all fine motor skills and day-to-day activities of life. The reason that some people are left-handed can be tracked to their genes, or past events in their lives. Though scientists haven’t yet zeroed in on the main cause for some people to be left-handed, they’ve served us with a few pointers for the same:

Past conventions: In old times, being left-handed was considered to be no less than some kind of witchcraft or a cardinal sin. Many people attest this orthodox belief to the fact that Satan himself was left-handed, so all the lefties were either assumed to be Satan’s followers, or people who committed abject devilry. As a result, babies showing proclivity to use their left limb more often than their right, were coerced into using only their right limbs. Which is probably the reason why these babies and their progenies later went on to develop right-handedness in their genes, thereby rendering left-handedness as a minority. This could be one probable reason for why only some people are left-handed in the world.

Genes: The genetics of a person can be the most logical and the most attributable explanation to the phenomenon of left-handedness. However, the scientists just haven’t laid their hands on enough evidence to testify the gene factor. According to certain studies, newborns carry any one of the two alleles or gene manifestations between the gene ‘d’ or gene ‘c’ at birth. The gene ‘d’ stands for dexterous, while gene ‘c’ stands for chance. The presence of gene ‘d’ indicates right-handedness; whereas, the presence of gene ‘c’ in a child will give him a 50% chance to be either right-handed or left-handed in his life. So this is another way how people can turn out to be left handed.

Injuries: Some people have to go through very unfortunate events in their lives. Some of these people might experience such kind of mishaps even in their childhood, or in their nascent stages of development. The impact of these events can be seen on their fine motor skills and their preference to use a particular body organ. For instance: a person who injured his right hand during his childhood, will naturally use his left hand more, and will go on to become a left-handed person for the rest of his life. This is again one of the major reasons why some people are left-handed. Although these people are not so originally, the events in their life bring about such a change in their preference.

Therefore, there can be more than one reason for why some people are left-handed in the world.

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