Why do eyes twitch?

Why do eyes twitch?

Eyes twitch due to the involuntary eyelid muscle contractions, triggered by stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

Remember the time when you felt really funny because one of your eyelids started flapping incessantly in the middle of a serious conversation, or in a crucial board room meeting, or while having food with friends, etc.? Apparently, that flapping thing which our eyes do from time to time cannot be considered flippantly at all. Various studies and research reports suggest that there could be multiple reasons for the twitching of eyes, and they are:

  1. Stress, anxiety: Studies show that severe stress and anxiety can bring about a host of problems in a person’s health. Likewise, frequent twitching of eyes can also be caused due to an overload of mental stress, worrying, hypertension, etc.
  2. Medication, caffeine: Certain medications contain drugs that are analogous to caffeine, which is culpable for bringing about involuntary muscle contractions in the body. One such muscle contraction is of the eyelids, which leads to our eyes twitching.
  3. Fatigue: It’s astonishing to notice the amount of strain we inadvertently subject our eyes to in our routine life. Our eyes are uninterruptedly exposed to bright lights all the time; be it our phones, television, computer screen, traffic lights, headlights and not to forget, sunlight as well. As a result of this relentless exposure, our eyes start to twitch repeatedly.
  4. Smoking/Alcoholism: Like any other hitch that comes associated with smoking or consumption of alcohol, twitching of eyes is one of them too. Smoking/alcoholism depreciates muscle efficiency by making them unstable and weak. Ultimately, the effects begin to show through various means such as the twitching of eyes.
  5. Spasms: A person having an eye condition, or one who’s suffering from eye-related spasms such as the blephorospasm, or the hemifacial spasm, can easily be victimized by the twitching of eyes. Moreover, in such cases, either eyes tend to shut repeatedly, or an entire side of the face comes together to twitch in succession.

Hence, it’s crucial to know the above reasons well and act accordingly, for the sake of our precious eyes.

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