Why do girls wear makeup?

Why do girls wear makeup?
There can be a number of reasons for why women wear makeup, which may differ individually.

The cosmetic industry is a huge money-spinner in the modern-day society, and a big chunk of this money comes courtesy of women all over the world. This is only natural and understandable. One has to realize that the women of today are constantly under pressure, to look beautiful and presentable. Be it their workplace, recreation centre, fitness centre, place of worship, or even their residence; women are expected to set the beauty standards for people around them. As a result, many women resort to makeup. Wearing makeup allows women to look their best and also go about their business, without worrying much about their appearance. However, this is isn’t the only reason why women wear makeup and here’s why:

  1. To look good: Women are very conscious about how they look, and especially the way they look, at a public gathering. They basically derive an enormous amount of confidence and feel good factor, when they’re made to know that they look good. Appropriateness and presentation is very dear to them, which is why they pay such keen attention to their appearance.
  2. Way of expression: Wearing makeup doesn’t only mean that a woman wants to impress. It’s also an undercover way of communication. If a woman wears makeup at a party, it means that she’s communicating not only her beauty, but also her grace and elegance.
  3. Individuality: On close observation, one would find that there’s a difference in the way women wear their makeup. No two women can have the same kind of makeup. This is because women choose to depict their individual style and personality through their own unique style of makeup.
  4. Fun: Many women exude charm and radiance when they wear their makeup. There’s a reason behind this and it’s called happiness. There are many women who love dressing up and wearing makeup. It’s something that excites them and makes them happy.
  5. Concealment: Women often take recourse to makeup, when going through a bad acne phase, discoloration, pigmentation problems, etc. Makeup comes in handy to screen these petty troubles and also doubles up as a quick-fix solution for looking good at an immediate and imminent event.
  6. Knocking off numbers: Most women are very sensitive about their age. They feel the urge of looking young, even if they look stunning at their age. So they use makeup to appear younger than they actually are.
  7. Not all women wear makeup: Yes, you read it right.  Not all women wear make-up. Some women do prefer to stay natural, as they believe that simple is beautiful. Likewise, many women try to avoid allergies caused by using cosmetics and beauty products. Many such products contain a high amount of chemicals and chemical compounds, which might cause side-effects to their skin and body, such as rashes or irritation. Women who own delicate skin, or women who’re prone to such reactions easily, normally keep away from wearing makeup.

Hence, there can be a number of reasons why women wear makeup, and each reason may differ for each woman.

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