Why do tears come?

Tears can be caused by being upset, exposure to extreme dryness or coldness, infections, or even while chopping an onion!

Our eyes have been designed in such a manner that even the slightest of provocation can bring about tears. Tears basically come out of the lachrymal glands, or the tear glands, which are found under our upper eyelids. Another source of tears are the tear ducts which are located at the inside corners of our eyes, right between the eyes and the nose. When we’re crying hard, the tear ducts are unable to drain the volume of tears produced in time, which is why they eventually trickle down our face. However, the reasons for why tears are produced at all, can range from a person being upset, exposure to extreme dryness or coldness, infections, or even because they are chopping an onion! Detailed explanations for these reasons are as follows:

Harsh Weather: Many a times in unfavorable weather conditions, we notice our eyes tearing up. This is nothing but a defense mechanism of the eyes to deal with the harshness they’re being subjected to. In extreme cold or dry conditions, our eyes tend to get puffy and itchy, so they start watering up to keep themselves moist, and also to keep the dryness levels in check.

Dirt, dust particles: We observe that whenever some dust particles manage to get into our eyes, they immediately tend to swell and get moist. This is because by watering up, the collection of all the dirt or dust particles that are spread out inside our eyes becomes easy. Moreover, draining the dust or particles in liquid form is not a hassle as well. So, this is why our eyes conjure up some moisture of their own, to keep out a foreign particle that attempts invasion.

Smoke: Though smoke particles are virtually invisible to the eyes, they never fail to irritate the eyes. Apparently, the smoke particles bug our eyes by creating that itchy and scratchy sensation. However, hastily rubbing our eyes will only make matters worse. Hence, the eyes develop some liquid magic in no time to ward off this annoyance and protect themselves.

Sadness, frustration, depression: Another major factor for why tears are caused, is sadness. When we’re depressed or frustrated with something, our brain and body release some toxins or chemicals associated with our gloomy mood. To let out such chemicals from our body, eyes secrete tears and wash them away downwards. This is also the reason for why people tend to feel refreshed after crying. This happens becuase the chemicals and toxins associated with sadness are discharged while a person is crying, and as a result, he/she feels relaxed.

Onions: As out of context as it may sound, but onions are also one of the major reasons for why tears are shed by our eyes. Onions contain certain chemicals which can hurt our eyes, so as resistance to such a condition, our eyes tend to develop tears.

Therefore, our eyes are akin to beautiful little oysters that shed tiny pearl-like tears in various conditions.           


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