Why do twins wear the same clothes?

It is not necessary for the twins to wear the same clothes. Some parents like to dress their children up in the same clothes when they are young to emphasize on the similarity of their looks. However, it is not always necessary.

Twins are considered as a miracle of nature, where two offsprings are produced in the same pregnancy. There are two types of twins that are born: Identical and Fraternal.

Identical twins, also known as a monozygotic twins, is when one zygote splits into two and form two different embryos. On the other hand, fraternal twins, also known as dizygotic twins, is when two different eggs enter the uterus and are fertilized by two different eggs.

The process of a mother becoming pregnant works when an egg from the woman’s ovary enters the uterus. This egg then attaches itself to the lining of the uterus and starts forming a lining out to hold the egg in place. Here enters the sperm, if the egg is fertilized it will continue to grow into a baby, if it fails at becoming fertilized the egg will detach itself from the wall and will leave the woman’s body.

Now when the egg is fertilized by the sperm, sometimes a mutation occurs resulting in the egg to separate into two individual beings rather than grow as one baby.These babies are then born as identical twins. If two eggs enter the uterus by accident and both are fertilized by different sperms, then these grow as two individual babies. These babies are known as fraternal twins. The main difference between the two – identical twins look alike (same face structure, height and other features are also shared as it comes from the same genepool), while fraternal twins do not look the same at all. These may share similar features but they look similar to normal siblings.

Identical twins are most commonly dressed up in similar clothes in order to add to the likeness of their looks. Parents usually have a fun time dressing up identical children in the same clothes. However, it is not always a necessity that children be dressed up the same. Many parents opt to dress them up separately.The similar dressing up is usually discontinued after a certain age as the children start developing their own preferences.

However, according to many studies identical children are considered to have very similar preferences and even behavioral traits. Research conducted in this area for now is inconclusive. However, ongoing research of twins that were separated at birth show that the children still exhibit similar habits and preferences as their twins. This could simply be a coincidence, but at this time one cannot say.

After the twins grow up, they usually choose not to dress in a similar manner. However, there are a few twins that continue to dress up same in order to emphasize on their similar to their twins. Some even dress up as a prank or a good laugh. Certain articles claim that these people did it because they were viewed or acknowledged as a celebrity, where people would come up and ask them questions and ask to take a picture with them.

Hence, dressing up similarly is simply an individuality trait. Not all twins dress the same or even wear the same clothes.

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