Why do we burp?

Burping helps get rid of the excess gas in the stomach or esophagus, before you blow up.

While most people consider burping to be inappropriate or bad manners, especially in front of other people, the truth is that it is completely normal. In fact, everyone burps, including the animals, and it is a good thing too, because if we didn’t burp, we would risk exploding.

Burping, just like farting, is a natural part of the body’s processes. At times, while eating and drinking, we tend to swallow some excess air. This might also happen regularly, such as when talking. However, once swallowed this air needs to go somewhere. Also, during digestion, the stomach tends to produce gas. All these gases then accumulate in the stomach. There are two ways that these gases can be removed.

One way is that it gets pushed down into the intestine along with the food. There it combines with the gases that are produced in the intestine. They move along the intestines and eventually escape from anus. This is farting. The other way is that they travel back up the esophagus and escape through the mouth. This is the easier and the simpler way. Also more preferred than farting, if you think about it.

There are some things that can cause one to burp more; this includes drinking carbonated drinks, as well as eating certain kinds of foods such as beans, lentils, dairy products, onions, garlic, spring onions, leeks, turnips, swedes, radishes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cashews, Jerusalem artichokes, oats, wheat, yeast in breads, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. Also, some people are more prone to gas, such as people who are lactose intolerant, or taking certain kinds of medicine, or are suffering from a medical condition, such as a bowel obstruction or Crohn's disease. Genetics may also play a part in it as well.

Usually, burping is a common thing and not something to worry. In fact, it would be more worrisome if you didn’t burp. So, go forth and burp in peace.

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