Why do we dance?

Dancing is a form of creative expression. We dance because it allows us to be free, to express ourselves, and to enjoy.

Dancing is any form of movement that is done in time with music. This, in its barest form, can include tapping your feet, snapping your fingers, and swaying to the music. In its intricate form, dancing is the art of body movement, which people spend years training and perfecting.

What is it about dancing that makes someone open up; that makes us get up and move our body like no one is watching? While some people try to avoid dancing, others can’t stand still when they start hearing music and feel like they must dance. In fact, some people even start dancing without even realizing what they are doing; their bodies automatically moving to the music.

Dancing is a form of creative expression. It allows one to express what they are feeling, whether it is joy or sadness. Most people dance because they are happy, joyful and having fun. This is also why dancing is so popular at clubs and parties. However, many people also use expressive forms of dancing to show their fear, their sadness, and their loneliness. This is also why dancing has such a historical and cultural importance.

It is believed that the need to dance evolved as a form of nonverbal communication. Bees have various forms of dances, each communicating something different. Many other animals have various forms of mating dances that allow one to attract a mate. In fact, this is still one of the predominant reasons why humans dance. Many people still dance at the club to attract the eyes of others. This is also why many people ask others to dance or go dancing on dates.

When people were asked why they dance, many claimed that dancing made them feel sexy, or that they dance to get in touch with their bodies. Others dance as a manner to express themselves. While, some dance purely because they feel happy, joyous and ecstatic. Many claimed that they were helpless; as soon as they heard the music, their body would start dancing by itself. Others also claimed that when dancing they became part of the music and that they felt the music within them, or that the music flowed through them.

For most people, dancing facilitates an escape from reality. It allows them to loose themselves in the music and forget everything in their life and around them. It becomes just them and the music.

However, there are also many people who do not like to dance, or feel very self conscious while dancing. These people either avoid dancing completely, or dance only when they are alone. 

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