Why Exercise is Good for Health

Exercise not only helps to ward off diseases and improve quality of life, it also makes a person happy.

According to various health studies and statistical survey reports by the World Health Organization (WHO), lack of physical activity contributes to approximately 17% of heart disease and diabetes, 12% of falls in the elderly, and 10% of breast cancer and colon cancer. So yes, exercise is very much necessary for a person to ensure that he stays away from diseases, but more than that, exercise is essential for a person to keep himself happy and relieved.

Exercise can be defined as any physical activity that is carried out to improve one’s fitness, or sustain it. Studies show that even 30 minutes of exercise everyday throughout the week will ensure a person’s fitness. Exercising need not necessarily mean hardcore weight training or performing aerobic activities. A simple routine of walking some distance daily, can also be constituted as an exercise. While not exercising can provide no benefit at all to one’s body, exercising can provide a whole lot of good things, such as:

Fitness: The foremost reason for why people exercise is fitness. Exercising can do two things to a person’s body, either it can improve one’s fitness, or sustain a fitness level reached. Either way, there’s nothing to lose out on, so a person should never fail to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

Prevention of diseases: No matter what kind of exercise a person performs, his/her breathing is definitely influenced and enhanced by it. This is actually a key ingredient in warding off many diseases and disorders. More breathing means more oxygen and more oxygen means better blood circulation to all parts of the body, which helps in keeping all the body organs in a healthy state. Other than this reason, exercise helps develop more immunity, by allowing for biological anti-pathogens to be produced in the body, which fight off the attacking virus and parasites.

Weight Management: A person’s weight is an important factor of his appearance. Neither excess weight, nor very little weight looks good on a person. Moreover, occurrences like these are readily attributable to obesity or physical weakness. So, to have the right amount of weight is very essential for a person. Exercise provides a person the choice of gaining just the right amount of weight that is required by him. Exercises such as aerobics, yoga, swimming, running, etc. help a person to cut down on his weight, whereas exercises like weight training and muscle training can help him gain weight. So exercise can provide the right solution to a person suffering from weight issues.

Improvement of Stamina and Endurance: Exercising the body regularly helps in strengthening it. The body adapts to the effort that it’s being subjected to, and learns to cope with it. This capacity of the body to cope is known as endurance. Exercising can boost a person’s endurance by a great margin. Besides improving endurance, a person who exercises regularly will also find his stamina improving. Stamina means the ability of the body to endure and keep going at an activity, without being tired by it. Endurance and stamina are interrelated concepts, which in turn are closely related to exercising.

Relieves Stress: The average person of today leads a very sedentary life. This only leads to accumulation of stress and mental illnesses. However, regular exercise has proven to diminish stress levels greatly and help feel a person relieved. Stress is one of the most alarming factors for a person being unhealthy in present times. Exercise helps curb any sort of stress caused and keeps it at bay.

Promotes Sleep: Just like stress and probably because of it, sleep deprivation also ranks as one of the major reasons for a person being unhealthy. Loss of sleep can be linked to a number of disorders such as anorexia, constipation, indigestion, physical and mental debility, etc. Exercise can regularize the sleep patterns of a person and ensure that he gets a good night’s sleep. Most of the body’s recovery takes place when a person’s sleeping, so ensuring a good night’s sleep becomes that much more necessary.

Induces Happiness: There wouldn’t be one person on the planet who doesn’t want be happy. Everyone’s got their own set of problems to deal with, and sooner or later they would have to do so, which is where exercising comes in handy. Exercise and physical activity produces some specific endorphins in the brain that alleviate anxiety and promote self growth. Exercising actually makes a person feel refreshed, by which he learns to look ahead in his life, rather than repent for the past. It helps a person to control his moods better and understand himself better, which can only make him less stressed and happier than before.

Makes a person look good: Deep down within their heart, every person has a desire to look better than they actually do. Though, what most people don’t understand is that some haughtily advertised cosmetic products and expensive spa sessions can’t make them look beautiful or glamorous, but exercising definitely can! Exercising can not only make a person look fitter, healthier and presentable, but also knock off a few years from his/her age. It’s already a known fact that exercising can make people look young, and more importantly, it won’t cost a fortune at that.

Therefore, any which way a person would look at it, exercising can never be anything else than being beneficial to a person.

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