Why is Bollywood so popular?

Bollywood is popular for several reasons. The movie and music industries in India are inextricably interlinked. Bollywood is colorful, packed with singers, dancing, and loads of costume changes.

Bollywood is mainly popular because of its “masala” in the movies. The concept of masala is key to understanding Bollywood films. The movies are popular because of their comedy, emotions, singing, dancing, feelings, etc.

Bollywood movies are fundamentally known for their musicals, which incorporate almost unrehearsed performances of singing and dancing. The songs are often recorded by professional singers before the shooting of the dance sequence. The actors then lip-sync the words of the song during shooting.

Most of the Bollywood films that are commercially popular are referred to as ‘mirch masala (spices).’ This is mainly because they incorporate a variety of themes, so that the movie may have something for everyone. These movies usually are a mixture of singing, dancing, romance, comedy and action. Some movies may even contain a political or social message.

One of the reasons why Bollywood is so big in the rest of the world today, lies partly in the fact that there are many Indian immigrants and their families living all over the world. However, it is obvious that Bollywood movies also attract audiences that are not connected with India through family or other ties.

Bollywood movies are mainly known for the inclusion of singing and dancing numbers, unlike the western musicals. People get attracted towards Bollywood movies because of their “Indian and emotional touch”. Instead of producing animated movies or perceptual movies, Bollywood producers like to focus on the “originality”. They allow people to feel and enjoy each and every part of their surroundings.

Bollywood also has a more serious artistic side, where filmmakers focus on the art of telling a story visually. The festival songs, disco theque dance numbers, and many more excite people to look forward to Bollywood movies. However, Bollywood is more popular for romantic, action and/or comedic musicals. For that reason, Bollywood movies always appeal to audiences all over the world.


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